Welcome to Rumah Matisse

Rumah Matisse is a 5 bedroom riverside beach villa, hidden in the heart of the traditional, seaside and exclusive fishermen village of Pantai Seseh on the southwest coast of Bali.

Strategically located over the border of a river, Rumah Matisse is surrounded by a forest of enormous sacred trees, pintoresque Balinese temples, and priviledge views of the ocean and Seseh Beach. The river, which flows between the beach and the swimming pool, and a small Balinese temple at the other side of the river, are the landmarks for this romantic villa.

The village, is surrounded by a government protected rice field's green belt and has become the preferred destination for high end customers, who prefer to live immersed in the untouched traditional Balinese culture; enjoying almost private and unspoiled beaches; riding the waves in Seseh Beach surfing spots; tasting fresh seafood provided directly from the fishermen; assisting to authentic Balinese ceremonies in the local temples, and relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere, without renouncing to the luxury of some of the most stylish Villas in Bali, and to the proximity of the busy areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

We invite you to discover in the following pages the magic of Rumah Matisse.